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Timing Belts

The timing belt is crucial to your engine and requires changed according to manufacturers schedules, the majority or which is 5 Years/100,000 miles . Timing belt failure will result in catastrophic damage and a costly repair, however an inexpensive change will eliminate this risk.


Advanced Diagnostics and Testing

We have invested in the latest diagnostic technology and training. We are fully competent at finding root causes to problems and rectifying. We can also carry out preliminary checks prior to problems arising.


Clutch Replacement

Clutches make up a majority of our workload. We have experience from small vehicles to large 4x4 vehicles. We are also able to check dual mass flywheels for run-out and rotational play to ensure that problems do not arise in future.



Braking is one of the most safety critical items in vehicles. We never compromise on braking safety and carry out braking repairs such as ABS unit replacement and coding, Brake pads and Disc replacement, Brake Fluid change and Brake shoe replacement to name a few.


Engine Repairs

At Crossey's Garage we are more than capable to carry out engine repairs. From gaskets to valves there is no job we are not capable of undertaking.

We here at Crossey’s Garage are dedicated to our craft. It’s simple. We love cars. All the images on our site are our own. Call us today!

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